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Vintage Recipe Box 4 – White Tin Box With Hearts & Flowers

VRP004 - White Tin Box With Hearts & Flowers

About this vintage recipe box:

Measures approximately 5 1/4″ across, 3 3/4″ high & 3″ wide.

This vintage recipe box has the prettiest floral design.

It looks Scandinavian/Dutch. The box itself is a sturdy tin with a hinged lid.

Under the label, the tin is embossed with the Ohio Art Co. logo.

The seller shared the following information with me:

These recipes came from Shelby Ohio Richland County (Shelby, Richland County, Ohio) estate of a veterinarian we cannot remember his name we are going to ask the auctioneer that done the sale and see if he has the family’s name and when we find out we will surely let you know.

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I purchased this box from a lot sale on eBay which contained 8 vintage recipe boxes made of wood and tin. Below are links to view the other vintage recipe boxes purchased within this recipe box lot.

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Persons mentioned in this recipe box

Adelaide Christina OLSEN Lanker was born 20 DEC 1919 in Brooklyn, New York and died 23 AUG 2001 in Mansfield, Richland, Ohio, USA. She must be a family friend as I haven’t found a connection to the SOWERS family to date.

I cannot find any information on Helen Hines at this time. 

Vintage Recipe Box 4 Recipes

Breakfast Recipes

Brunch Egg Bake

Egg Casserole

Egg Dish

Casserole Recipes

Carrot Casserole

Club Chicken Casserole

Corned Beef Noodle Bake

Crisis Casserole

Hamburger Pie

Onion Beef Casserole

Noodle and Leftover Meat Casserole

Onion Beef Casserole

Shepherd’s Pie With Hamburger

Tuna Casserole

Tuna Casserole

Condiment Recipes

Bread and Butter Pickles

Clear Gravy

Cranberry Apple Relish



Salad Dressing

Salad Dressing

Sliced Zucchini Pickles

Sour Cream Dressing

Tartar Sauce for Fish

Dinner Recipes

Beef Stroganoff

Chicken Fried Liver

Chipped Beef on Rice or Toast

Fish Recipe

Fried Fish

Ham Loaf




Mother’s Scalloped Chicken

Quick Granny’s Dinner

Salmon Loaf With Cheese Sauce

Scalloped Chicken

Six Layer Dinner by Erik K

Skillet Macaroni and Ground Beef

Smothered Rabbit

Sour Cream Enchiladas

Salad Recipes

Apple JELLO Salad

Apple Nut Berry Salad

Cranberry Orange JELL-O Salad

Cranberry Salad

JELL-O Salad

Lemon Lime Salad

Lemon Lime Salad

Macaroni Salad

Molded Cranberry Salad

Pineapple Salad

Pink Fluffy Salad

Spiced Cranberry Mold

Strawberry and Sour Cream JELL-O Salad

Sweet and Sour Bean Salad

Taco Salad

Waldorf Salad

Sandwich Recipes

Chicken Filling for Sandwiches

Side Dishes


Asparagus Au Gratin

Baked Cabbage and Tomatoes

Baked Dressing

Baked Fish

Buttered Greens

Candy Carrots

Carrot Copper Penny Salad

Carrot Slaw

Cheese Souffle



Corn Salad

Creamed Potatoes

Dandelion Greens

Harvard Beets

Lena’s Pickled Eggs and Beets

Marinated Carrots

Pickled Beets

Pickled Beets

Pickled Eggs and Beets

Potato Salad

Potato Salad

Turkey Stuffing

Wilted Cucumbers

Zucchini Squash

Soup Dishes

Ground Beef Soup

Mother’s Stew

Vintage Recipe Box 4 

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Christine Cwikla

Wednesday 13th of November 2019

Trying to find a recipe for what my mom and grandma called sauerkraut candy. I know coconut,brown sugar and vinegar were in it and Don'know what else. They made it in a skillet.

Billie Hillier at Vintage Recipe Project

Wednesday 13th of November 2019

We have not heard of this recipe but we have 1,000s to post so keep checking back.

Jean Wise

Sunday 22nd of November 2015

I also have this recipe box. It was my mother's recipe box she used all the years I was growing up. She just passed away in October of this year at 87 years young.

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