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Vintage Recipe Box 034 – No Box

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Vintage Recipe Box 34

This lot I purchased from eBay and due to the cost to ship the contents, I asked that they ship the recipes without the boxes (they were just regular old boxes).

The collection is about 2500 handwritten and clipped recipes from the estate of Dr. John J. POLLOCK (1933 – 2014) and Phyllis KOBYLINSKI Pollock from West Grove, Pennsylvania / New York. The couple was married approximately in 1959. Based on when they were born and married, I am going to assume that the collection is from the 1960s to the present and I will return and update this information if I find any clues to help me age the collection.

John’s family was Russian / Lithuanian on his father’s side and Russian / Polish on his mother’s side. Phyllis’ family was Czechoslovakia and Polish.

Based on their lineage this box will hopefully contain some “authentic” family recipes from their family. The family’s Ahnentafel Chart so far for this box is below:

  1. Children of couple, living
  2. John J. POLLOCK, b. 1933 in Pennsylvania
  3. Phyllis KOBYLINSKI (living)
  4. John POLLOCK, b. 1909 in Pennsylvania
  5. Monica GODLEWSKI, b. 1904 in Pennsylvania
  6. Alfred W. KOBYLINSKI, b. 1909 in New York
  7. Cecelia Dolores STOVCSIK, b. 1911 in Czechoslovakia
  8. Vincent POLLOCK, born in Russia
  9. Antonia BUBNUITE, born in Lithuania
  10. Vincent J. GODLEWSKI, b. 1882 in Russia
  11. Mary BOTERIS, b. 1880 in Poland
  12. Walter KOBYLINSKI, born in Poland
  13. Appola Unknown, born in Poland
  14. Joseph STOVCSIK, b. 1885 in Czechoslovakia
  15. Anna SUSCHAK, b. 1887 in Czechoslovakia

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Vintage Recipe Box 34 - No Box

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Vintage Recipe Box 34

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Debbi Wallace-Even

Thursday 26th of December 2019

Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to read these, catalog them & more~~share them! I can sit & read recipes like others read a novel. I will read these & share them forward too.

DNP - Billie

Thursday 26th of December 2019

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying our site and recipes. Come back soon as we have over 100,000 recipes to post.

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