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History of Food

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History of Food

Below is a food timeline that shows the history of food and popular products as they were introduced.

I would love to have a claim of being an authoritative food historian but unfortunately, I do not wear that title. Through online research, we have compiled below. While we would love to reference all resources, the links would be too many to include.

Our primary resource is Wikipedia’s Timeline of Food, a list of ancient dishes, and looking up individual items.

Please comment below with suggestions and corrections.

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1600s Food Timeline

1610 Bagels

1653 Pumpkin Pie

1653 Lemonade

1664 Potato Bread

1686 Croissants

1691 Lemon Meringue Pie

Deviled Egg

1700s Food Timeline

1708 Casseroles

1740 Pound Cake

1740 Cupcakes

1747 Yorkshire Pudding

1747 Sweet Potato Pie

1754 Swedish Meatballs

1756 Mayonnaise

1756 Tartar Sauce

1760 Egg Nog

1762 Toad in a Hole

1765 Apple Butter

1782 Souffle

1784 Mullingtwany Soup

1786 Deviled Eggs

1796 Charlotte

1796 Charlotte Russe

1798 Turnovers

1830s Food Timeline

1830 Carrot Cake

1830 Hopping John

1830 Bouillabaisse

1833 Iodized Salt

1834 Palestine Soup

1835 Worcestershire Sauce

1839 Cobbler

1840s Food Timeline

1842 Corn Starch

1843 Baking Powder, single acting

1847 Peanut Brittle

1847 Vanilla Extract

1848 Pesto

1850s Food Timeline

1850 Anadama Bread

1850 Mock Apple Pie

1855 Boston Cream Pie

1856 Navy Bean Soup

1856 Condensed Milk

1860s Food Timeline

1860 Baked Alaska

1860 Iced Tea

1861 Beef Stroganoff 

1863 Fruit Cocktail

1864 Apple Brown Betty

1868 Tabasco Sauce

1868 Fleischmann’s Yeast

1868 Kobe Beef

1869 Chateaubriand

1870s Food Timeline

1870s American Pot Roast

1870s Parker House Rolls

1870s Margarine

1870s Unsalted Butter

1871 Marble Cake

1872 Jambalaya

1872 Philadelphia Cream Cheese

1872 Graham Crackers

1876 Heinz Ketchup

1877 Ambrosia

1877 Vinegar Pie

1877 Fondant

1879 Clabber Baking Powder

1880s Food Timeline

1880s American Meatloaf

1880s Angel Food Cake

1880s Chocolate Pie

1884 Porcupines

1886 Pecan Pie

1887 Cherries Jubilee

1887 Heavenly Hash

1889 Bundt Cake

Eggs Benedict

1890s Food Timeline

1894 Eggs Benedict

1894 Minute Tapioca

1895 Peanut Butter

1895 Tea Bags

1896 Fruit Cake

1896 Oatmeal Cookies

1896 Waldorf Salad

1897 Campbell’s Tomato Soup

1897 Jell-O

1899 Oysters Rockefeller

Steak Diane

1900s Food Timeline

1902 Karo Syrup

1903 Cranberry Bread

1903 US Senate Bean Soup

1903 Club Sandwich

1906 Brownies

1906 Banana Cream Pie

1907 Divinity Fudge

1908 Steak Diane

1908 Buttercream Frosting

1909 Shrimp Cocktail

Black Cherry Clafoutis

1910s Food Timeline

1911 Applesauce Cake

1911 Crisco

1912 Thousand Island Dressing

1912 Tomato Pie

1913 Italian Cream Cake

1913 Clafoutis

1913 Coq au Vin

1913 Clover Leaf Rolls

1914 Fettucini Alfredo

1914 Chicken Fried Steak

1915 Hush Puppies

1915 Peanut Butter Cookies

1917 Marshmallow Fluff

1917 Icebox Cake

1920s Food Timeline

1924 Pineapple Upside-down Cake

1924 Caesar Salad

1927 S’mores

1927 Mayonnaise Cake

American Cobb Salad

1930s Food Timeline

1930s Banana Bread

1930s Tomato Soup Cake

1933 Miracle Whip by Kraft Foods

1934 Nabisco’s Ritz Crackers

1934 Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup [Campbell’s Soup Recipes]

1936 Dagwood Sandwich

1937 Cobb Salad

1937 Green Goddess Dressing

1937 SPAM


1940s Food Timeline

1940 Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies

1941 Rice Krispie Treats

1941 Monte Cristo Sandwich

1943 Nachos

1944 Tortilla Soup

1946 Microwave Oven

1947 Betty Crocker’s Cake Mix

1947 Chiffon Cake

1948 Chicken Vesuvio

1949 Wacky Cake

ranch dressing

1950s Food Timeline

1951 Bananas Foster

1952 Duncan Hines Cake Mixes

1954 Ranch Dressing

1955 Green Bean Casserole

1955 Frozen Pie Crust

1956 German Chocolate Cake

1956 Chocolate Beet Cake

1958 Lemon Bars

1960s Food Timeline

1960 Red Velvet Cake

1962 Cream Cheese Brownies

1963 Black Forest Cake

1963 Texas Sheet Cake

1965 Hello Dolly Bars

1969 Hummingbird Cake

1970s Food Timeline

1971 Fajitas

1973 Zucchini Bread

1980s Food Timeline

1981 Watergate Cake

1981 Watergate Salad

1983 Harvard Beet Cake

1983 Penne alla Vodka

1990s Food Timeline

1991 Earthquake Cake

1991 Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

History of Food

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