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Fruit Cake Recipes, History, and More

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Fruit Cake 

What is a Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake is a cake that is made of fruit, either candied or dried, nuts, and spices, and is typically made to celebrate a wedding or Christmas.

Depending on the recipe, fruit cake can also call for alcohol like rum or brandy.

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National Fruit Cake Month

History of Fruit Cake

The first recipe for fruit cake can be traced back to ancient Roman times where they used nuts, seeds, and raisins mixed together in a barley mash.

While it’s not a true cake as we know it today, it was the start of something that would, later on, become an icon for the holidays.

The first “real fruit cake” came around the 1400s when Pope Innocent VIII allowed the use of butter which became known as the Butter Letter.

As time went on, more and more ingredients were added and taken away from fruit cakes but the most important ingredient came from the American Colonies in the 16th century when sugar was being shipped around the world.

Because of how sugar preserves fruit in high enough concentrations, candied fruit became a household item that the masses could access, so naturally, they through it into their cakes. 

Fruit Cake Recipes

Fruit Cake Recipes

National Fruit Cake Month

As you would guess, December is the month of the fruit cake.

National Fruit Cake Month  Observed and Future Dates

As if having an entire month dedicated to fruit cakes wasn’t enough, someone went ahead and made December 27th National Fruit Cake Day. A day for a cake that already has an entire month set aside for it, nice.

National Fruit Cake Month History

No history can be found at this time.

National Fruit Cake Month Website

There is not a known official website for National Fruit Cake Month at this time.

National Fruit Cake Month Social Media

#NationalFruitcakeMonth and #NationalFruitcakeDay are used on both Twitter and Instagram.

Fruit Cake Notes and Resources

  1. Wikipedia – Fruitcake

Fruit Cake

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