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Creamy Apple Soup (VRP 040)

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Embrace the essence of autumn with Creamy Apple Soup, a delightful blend of savory and sweet flavors that captures the season’s warmth and abundance. This unique soup combines the crispness of apples with the comforting depth of chicken broth and the smoothness of milk, offering a heartwarming dish perfect for chilly days. Garnished with sautéed apple wedges, it’s a beautiful and nutritious addition to any meal.

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Creamy Apple Soup

A Short History:

  • Apples, one of the oldest cultivated fruits, have been a part of diets across the world due to their versatility, storage capability, and variety.
  • Soups have served as staple dishes in many cultures, evolving from simple broths to complex creations that incorporate seasonal ingredients like apples.
  • Creamy Apple Soup marries the concept of traditional fruit soups with modern culinary techniques, creating a dish that’s both innovative and deeply rooted in the bounty of the harvest.


  • Ancient Times: Early civilizations begin cultivating apples.
  • Middle Ages: Soups and broths become fundamental elements of European cuisine.
  • 20th Century: With the advent of modern appliances, soups become more diverse, including the introduction of fruit-based soups.
  • Today: Creamy Apple Soup exemplifies the modern trend of blending sweet and savory flavors in a single dish.

Tips for Making Creamy Apple Soup:

  • Choose Apples Wisely: Opt for apples with a balance of sweet and tart flavors, such as Honeycrisp or Gala, to add complexity to the soup.
  • Sautee for Flavor: Sautéing the apples, celery, and onions before simmering them in broth deepens the soup’s flavor profile.
  • Silky Smooth: Use a blender or food mill to achieve a smooth texture. For an extra silky soup, pass it through a fine sieve after blending.
  • Garnish Generously: The sautéed apple wedges not only add a decorative touch but also introduce a delightful contrast in texture and temperature.

Creamy Apple Soup Recipe Card

Creamy Apple Soup

Newspaper clipping for the recipe for Creamy Apple Soup.

Vintage Recipe Box 40 Overview

Vintage Recipe Box 40

We THINK Vintage Recipe Box 40 came to us from Iowa (we were not tracking the information when we first started collecting the vintage recipe boxes) and that the original owner had multiple boxes.

Vintage Recipe Box 40

This vintage recipe box was produced by Ohio Art. At this time we do not know when the recipe box was sold.

There are lots of fun recipes to read in the box this recipe for Creamy Apple Soup was with. Click here to view all of Vintage Recipe Box 40 recipes and to learn more about the history of the recipes and the recipe box.

Creamy Apple Soup Recipe

Creamy Apple Soup is more than just a dish; it’s a celebration of autumn’s splendor. Its comforting warmth, nuanced flavors, and nutritional benefits make it a perfect starter or light meal. Whether you’re looking to impress guests or simply cozy up with a bowl of something delicious, this soup promises to satisfy and inspire.

Creamy Apple Soup scaled

Creamy Apple Soup


  • 1 cup each sliced celery and chopped onion
  • 2 cups unpeeled 1/2 inch apple chunks
  • 3 tablespoons butter or margarine
  • 4 cups seasoned chicken broth
  • 1/2 cup nonfat dry milk powder
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 unpeeled apples, cut in thin wedges and sauteed in 2 tablespoons of butter or margarine


  1. In saucepan saute celery, onion, and apple chunks in butter until tender.
  2. Add broth
  3. Cover and simmer over very low heat 10 minutes
  4. Press through sieve or food mill
  5. Return to saucepan.
  6. Stir in milk powder, salt, and pepper; heat through.
  7. Laddle into soup bowls.

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