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Best Ever Pickles (VRP 001)

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Best Ever Pickles

I am not a huge fan of pickles so it’s hard for me to imagine why this recipe could be for the “Best Ever Pickles.”

Based on the ingredients and method, how does it stack up against your favorite pickle recipe?

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Best Ever Pickles Recipe Card Details

This recipe card for Best Ever Pickles is actually a newspaper clipping from an unknown publication.

There is a notation that the recipe is from Fanny Summers of Mt. Vernon. Fanny was originally from Lorain County, Ohio so I wonder if she sent her recipe back to a “hometown” Ohio newspaper and Goldie found it or…

She is married to her husband in 1906, so the recipe was printed after this time.

Notes on Fanny Cecilia BROWN Summers of Mount Vernon, Washington:

  • Fanny was born September 1st, 1889 in Amherst, Lorain County, Ohio.
  • She married Edward SUMMERS on July 9, 1906, in Skagit, Washington.
  • In September 1972 Fanny Summers passed away in Mount Vernon, Washington at the age of 83.

Best Ever Pickles Recipe Card Front

Best Ever Pickles

Front of the recipe card for Best Ever Pickles.

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VRP001 - Wood Box

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Best Ever Pickles Recipe

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Best Ever Pickles

Best Ever Pickles

Best Ever Pickles (VRP 001)

Cook Time: 1 day
Additional Time: 12 days
Total Time: 13 days


  • 2 gallons cucumbers
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • Boiling water to cover
  • 1/2 gallon vinegar
  • 4 tablespoons mustard
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup mixed spice
  • 1/2 cup sugar


  1. Wash and drain 300 or 2 gallons cucumbers
  2. Put in 1/2 cup cup salt over them and pour boiling water to cover
  3. Let stand overnight
  4. In the morning, wipe dry
  5. Put in open jar and cover with 1/2 gallon of vinegar, mustard, sugar, salt, and mixed spice
  6. Stir well
  7. Add 1/2 cup sugar to pickles and stir well for 12 mornings
  8. They will keep in an open jar all winter if weighted down

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Annah Summers

Friday 5th of August 2022

Fanny Summers is my great great Aunt. Edward was the brother of my great grandfather and Fanny was the sister of my great grandmother Ester Summers. ( two sisters married two brothers). I would love to get to know more about this vintage recipe box. Are there any other Summers or Browns in the box?

DNP - Billie

Tuesday 20th of September 2022

I am sending you an email.

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